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Minimizing Collisions with Digital Printed Designs

HPG’s Bird-friendly glass is designed to minimize the risk of collisions by making glass more visible and recognizable to birds. One way to achieve this is by using digital printed glass, which incorporates patterns or designs on the surface of the glass to create a visual barrier that birds can see.


Our digital printing technology allows intricate and precise patterns and designs to be applied to the glass surface. The printed patterns break up the reflective surface of the glass, making it easier for birds to distinguish it from the surrounding environment.


When birds approach a building with bird-friendly glass featuring digital printed designs, they can perceive the presence of the glass as a physical barrier and adjust their flight path accordingly. By providing a clear visual cue, these glass solutions help to minimize bird collisions, protecting birds from injury or death caused by striking windows.


The specific patterns and designs used in digital printed glass can vary, depending on the preferences of the building owner or designer. However, they are typically adhered to the “2 by 4” rule: two inches or less of horizontal space or four inches or less of vertical space should be left untreated.


Bird-friendly glass with digital printed patterns is an effective and environmentally conscious solution to mitigate bird collisions, promoting the coexistence of birds and built structures.

bird friendly window
Bird Friendly Glass


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