Birds are an essential natural resource.  They perform numerous roles in our environment such as pollinating plants, distributing seeds, and eating insects. They are also useful for pest control and pollination for agriculture and forestry.  Birds are also important for keeping nature in the city and add to our quality of life through their song and colorful appearance.

Bird Collisions

Bird collisions are the second largest cause of bird mortality in North America. Research estimates hundreds of millions of birds die each year as a result of collisions with windows and other structures.

Glass: The Invisible Threat

Unlike humans, birds cannot perceive images reflected in glass as reflections and will fly into windows that appear to be trees or sky. Clear glass also poses a danger as birds have no natural ability to perceive clear glass as a solid object. Birds will strike clear glass while attempting to reach habitat and sky seen through corridors, windows positioned opposite each other in a room, ground floor lobbies, glass balconies or glass corners. The impact of striking a reflective or clear window in full flight often results in death.

Solution: Bird Friendly Glass
Patterns on Glass 

Ceramic dots or other types of “frits,” can be printed, or otherwise applied to glass surfaces.

This is often done to reduce the transmission of light and heat and can also provide design detail. In some cases, frit patterns are hardly visible, but when designed according to the 2 x 4 rule (where marker spaces should not exceed 2" in height by 4" in width) patterns on glass can prevent bird strikes.

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