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Heat Soaked Glass


Heat soak glass process


Every fabricated float glass by fluctuation presents a level of imperfection. One of them is the inclusion of nickel sulfate. Most of them are steady and do not create a problem, but it exists a possibility that those inclusions provoke spontaneously breakages in the tempered glass without applying stressful thermal charges.

The Heat Soaking is a process that can expose the inclusions of NiS in the tempered glass. At High Performance Glazing we have the ability with our “Heat Soak Oven” to meet all heat soak job requirements at current E.U. standards.

Why the use of Heat Soaking?

The tempered glass is placed inside a chamber where the temperature increases until approximately 290 C, a process that accelerates the expansion of the sulfate. The glasses that would have the inclusions of nickel sulfate will immediately break inside the heat soaking chamber, thus reducing the risk of potential field breakage.

Glass without detrimental inclusions will retain proper temper properties and will have minimal risks of spontaneous breakage in the field.

While Heat soaking is not 100% effective it will reduce the probability of breakage from a standard 8 in 1,000 to 5 in 1,000

The Process of Heat Soaking

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