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Laminated glass provides durability, high-performance and multi-functional benefits such as safety, security, sound control, solar energy performance and ultraviolet screening, while at the same time preserving the aesthetic appearance of the glass.

Laminated glass is made by permanently bonding together two or more glass sheets with an interlayer using heat and pressure. High Performance Glazing Inc. Laminated Glass is available in all glass types, including, clear, tinted, reflective, low-e, spandrel, ceramic frit and silk-screened. Tempered or heat strengthened glass can be used to produce laminated glass and further strengthening the unit. Laminated glass may crack upon impact, but the glass fragments tend to adhere to the plastic interlayer rather than falling free and potentially causing injury.

In addition,  with the variety of materials (natural fibers, delicate fabrics) and custom colours of interlayers available today, laminated glass is being widely used in interior applications and visually creating a dramatic effect.

Decorative laminated glass
Laminated Tempered Glass
Laminated Safety Glass
laminated glass
Double Laminated Insulated
Double Laminated Insulated Glass
Laminated Insulated
laminated insulated glass

Decorative Laminated Glass

One of the most exciting features of laminated glass is the ability to laminate a range of materials as the insert, into the glass.  A dynamic array of colours, textures and patterns can be combined using the laminating process to create special effects.

This is where the designer’s imagination transforms from fantasy to reality. Let your visions come to life as we create your custom product.

Laminated Glass Windows



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