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Glass Sheets

At High Performance Glazing Inc. we precisely cut and drill holes to the most stringent specifications. Whether you order two pieces of glass or two thousand, we guarantee perfectly drilled holes every time.

HPG Inc. uses the Skill E-D vertical CNC Centre for grinding, milling, drilling and polishing rectangular and shaped flat sheet glass. The machine can process both rectilinear and shaped flat sheet glass and combines all the technology for vertical drilling and milling with the features of a vertical grinding machine. Its main feature is its versatility, which allows for different types of processes at high speeds and optimal precision.

SKILL E-D - Processes

SKILL E-D grinds, polishes, mills and drills, with an opposed dual head, flat or shaped sheet glass with a thickness of 4 - 20 mm and, depending on the version, can process sheet glass of a minimum of 600x300 mm and a maximum of 6000x3210 mm.

Glass Cutting


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