spendrel facade

There is a vast range of glass available to satisfy the requirements of each project. One such possibility is spandrel glass.

Unlike vision glass, which is intended to be transparent, spandrel glass is intended to be opaque in order to conceal elements such as vents, wires, slab ends, and mechanical equipment between the floors of a building.

Ceramic frit and silicone elastomeric paint are the most commonly used products to ensure the glass is opaque or translucent. Spandrel glass, which must be heat treated, can be colour customized as a decorative or contrasting feature to match the surrounding window wall. 


The fabrication procedure for spandrel monolithic glass and spandrel insulated glass (IG) entails adding an opacifier to the indoor surface of a glass lite, which is commonly produced from silicone-based paint or ceramic frits. The goal of this method is to produce tinted or coloured glass panels that fit in with the rest of a building's front.

High Performance Glazing trusts Opaci-Coat 300 and AquaVue for their Spandrel Glass requirements.  



ICD - High Performance Coatings
Opaci Coat 300 - Water-Based Silicone Spandrel


For thirty years, OPACI-COAT-300® has provided Architects with more design opportunities in spandrel and wall-cladding than any other coating for glass. It is used on some of the worlds biggest buildings as well as large-scale residential interiors globally. 

  • Unlimited Colors, including metallic looks

  • For Spandrel & Wall-Cladding

  • Building facade and interiors

  • Exact color matching & batch consistency

  • Lead free & virtually VOC free

  • Fallout protection if applied at 13 mils

  • Used with any glass type, from clear to low-e coated

AquaVue Hybrid Backpaint For Interiors

AquaVue™  - Silicone Polyurethane Hybrid Glass Coating

AquaVue™ is a two-component, low VOC, water-based ambient, and oven cure coating for glass. 

This product forms a hard, durable coating and is resistant to cleaning chemicals. Areas of application include wall-cladding, backsplashes, glass lamination, signage, partitions, pattern glass, and furnishings. It can be applied to many glass types (including metals) like annealed, tempered, reflective, and high performance glass.




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Color Coated Glass Wall-Cadding
Spandrel Glass Backsplash

Base colors are just that, a basic palette of colors from the primary color wheel. These are used to custom match anything you wish. They are opaque and ready to sample or specify for your spandrel or interior cladding projects. 


Standard colors are tried and true colors for the glass industry. Actually, they are hold over colors from way back in the day when glass light transmission was very low. Which meant spandrel coatings needed to be very dark to actually affect color. Still, today they are used as much as ever.

Spandrel Glass Counter Top