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Glass Panes

Customized to your specifications, our Insulated Glass (IG) units allow you to reduce sound, decrease energy loss and seal out moisture...

Ceramic Frit
Silk-screening & Ceramic Frit

Silk-screening is the process of spraying ceramic frit paint through a pre-designed screen to achieve a desired pattern...

Heat Treating & Tempering
Heat Treating & Tempering

Two kinds of heat-treated glass, heat-strengthened and fully tempered...

Precision Drilling & Milling
Precision Drilling & Milling

CNC Cutting, Milling, Polishing...


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Glass Cutting

Our automated glass cutting lines allows for high production cutting of standard and custom shapes.

Lamnated Glass

Two or more pieces of glass that are permanently bonded together with one or three interlayer types…

Digital Glass Printing
Digital Printing

Print high resolution images onto glass...

Spandrel Glass
Coating / Painting

High Performance Glazing Inc. uses ICD Coating’s OPACI-COAT-300® glass coating for all its high-performance spandrel applications...

Heat Treated & Tempered Glass


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