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To prevent permanent damage and maintain visual and aesthetic quality, glass products should be protected during construction and must be properly cleaned after installation and as part of routine maintenance.


As dirt and residue appear, glass surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned. If the glass is extremely dirty, as a result of recent construction activity for example, the glass surfaces should be soaked with clean water and mild soap solution to loosen dirt or debris. Following the initial soaking of the glass, normal cleaning procedures should be followed.

Professional glass and window cleaners are recommended for cleaning decorative glass products in lieu of construction site workers. When the glass requires normal maintenance, use a mild, non-abrasive solution and uniformly apply the solution to the glass surfaces with a soft, non-abrasive applicator (e.g. thick cloth or sponge). Immediately dry the glass surface with a lint-free cloth.


In addition, here are some key recommendations:

The following are suggested things to DO:​ 


  • DO clean glass when dirt and residue appear

  • DO determine if coated glass surfaces are exposed

  • DO exercise special care when cleaning coated glass surfaces

  • DO avoid cleaning tinted and coated glass surfaces in direct sunlight

  • DO start cleaning at the top of the building and continue to lower levels

  • DO soak the glass surface with a clean water and soap solution to loosen dirt and debris

  • DO use a mild, non-abrasive commercial window cleaning solution

  • DO use a squeegee to remove all of the cleaning solution

  • DO dry all cleaning solution from window gaskets, sealants and frames

  • DO clean one small window and check to see if procedures have caused any damage

  • DO be aware of and follow the glass supplier's specific cleaning recommendations

  • DO caution other trades against allowing other materials to contact the glass

  • DO watch for and prevent conditions that can damage the glass


The following are suggested things NOT to DO:

  • DO NOT use scrapers of any size or type for cleaning glass

  • DO NOT allow dirt and residue to remain on glass for an extended period of time

  • DO NOT begin cleaning glass without knowing if a coated surface is exposed

  • DO NOT clean tinted or coated glass in direct sunlight

  • DO NOT allow water or cleaning residue to remain on the glass or adjacent materials

  • DO NOT begin cleaning without rinsing excessive dirt and debris

  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaning solutions or materials

  • DO NOT allow metal parts of cleaning equipment to contact the glass

  • DO NOT trap abrasive particles between the cleaning materials and the glass surface

  • DO NOT allow other trades to lean tools or materials against the glass surface

  • DO NOT allow splashed materials to dry on the glass surface


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