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Digital Glass Printing



Digital glass printing process is a technology that applies ceramic ink directly onto glass in much the same way that an inkjet printer prints onto paper. Ceramic frit designs are fused on to the glass surface during the tempering process.


Digital printing on glass can enhance its uses and value, expanding the possibilities for surface designs that are both beautiful and functional, and for a wide variety of applications.


This versatile product can be applied to glass for a cost effective, low maintenance solution to many design needs. Our Glass products are manufactured with digital ceramic printing which make them highly durable, abrasion-resistant, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. All of the digital glass printing products are available in laminated, monolithic or insulated form.


Digital glass printing using the ceramic technology is a considerably different approach to using digital UV. With digital ceramic printing, the ink used contains ceramic frit (these are Nanoparticles of glass mixed with colored pigments) and are fused into the glass after tempering. As a result, the ink becomes an integral part of the printed glass. In comparison, digital UV inks are not fused into the glass; rather they are laid down on top of the glass and then cured, creating an ultra-thin printed layer over the glass surface. When comparing the two options, we find that Digital Glass Printing using ceramic technology is the most effective and highest quality method.